We are who we are.


     Why was I there, why was I afraid. Smoke and fog filled my mind. It felt like an old factory operarting in my head. I could almost hear the rusty gears shift in my head. Sweat raced down my fingertips like oil dripping from a giant robot. How could I operate like this? I was too afraid!

     "Go on," the teacher said in a soft voice. The class all stared at me as if I was some caged animal in the zoo, only to look at, only to see what it was going to do next. I was as still as a statue.

     I cleared my throat, I had a huge stone in my throat. It made it hard to take a breath. I felt tiny people running around in my stomach, making it hard to settle down and concentrate on what I was to do. But I knew what I had to do.

     A small spark lit up in my chest. I could almost feel the warmth of it spreading over my body, as if I had gained a new life. I looked at the class in front of me, I stood tall and proud. 

     "To be heard and to be listened to... It is something we all want. We all want our voice to be heard and acknowledged. We had the power to speak our mind and to voice our reasonings on a matter. We were created for something more, we interact with each other for a reason. We think for a reason, we move for a reason. We need to put these traits into practice and use them to the best of our ability. We are the voice of reasoning. We are to be heard...."


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