We always make it show

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 15:53 -- Mela94


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What makes me a nervous wreck? Could it be thoughts of kissing your neck? Cheeks, lips, down to your navel. They say its quite corney cause to me, your an angel. I'm not weak, but I'm not so strong. Got me up all night, all I'm singing is love songs. At times I stare at the wall, painting images in my head. And at night, before I sleep, I'm thinking about everything you just said. Days are getting quicker. My heart feels bigger. Then you got our friends writing about us on twitter like, "OMG! They should be together!" And it makes me smile cuz I know it's been obvious for awhile. But we act like no one else knows, even though we always make it show.

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