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Wed, 04/24/2013 - 15:15 -- inugurl


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Today is the day,
Where we decide aye or nay,
Where we can help those in need,
come on we can all hear them plead,
Help us! Help us! The grounds a fallen!
Parents are goin’ and children are ballin’

Now how can we live on while people are dyin’
It takes more than one to rebuild a city so come on let’s all go join in!
If we all work together,
this task would be better,
it takes one to start a revolution,
as this can be see through all evolution.

These are our brothers,
even though we are from different mothers,
we all share a common past,
no matter who you think you are,
‘cause it has been found,
That we are all just different shades of brown.

And there will be a time where,
you will need some love or care,
and those who needed you so deperately,
will come to help you presently.
‘Cause they know that two wrongs don’t make a wright,
So come on now! Let’s not fight.

Showing and act of kindness won’t break you,
especially when you need someone to come to your rescue,
so next time somone calls for help,
answer it, ‘cause you never know when it will be yourself.


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