The Way Life Goes

Growing up is something we all fear of encountering in our lives, and it's the way the circle of life is intended to be. We can't always change what has already happened, and it woulnd't make any other difference to our lives no matter the change. For me, my childhood ended the moment I crossed the threshold entering my teenage year to present time becaus I faced struggles in my life where there had been situations that ended in violence and arguments that I never wanted. Even in my earlier years, I felt that my childhood was no more since I had been molested, bullied, depressed, and so forth through those rough years. I was always calling myself weak, unwanted, and pathetic due to my incidents, and I wished I could've done something to prevent these events from happening. From what I learned, you can change what has already been done, and growing up means that you are more able to have a sense on what choices you make, how you approach, and if it is worth going after. As a Senior this year, I am more capable in taking care of myself, making my own choices, and and being responsible for the work that I do. Before I was a scared and helpless individual, but now I am more confindent and stronger about myself. Sometimes I always think that if I would change my past, I wouldn't whether or not I would still be the same person today. My childhood has always been something that I have always wanted to change, but that's just how the way life goes.

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