The way i see you

At first I never met a person like your a star to every person eyes and everyone love's you i never shown my feeling's like everyone else did they all loved you and some bullied you but one day they stop when you came to me to ask why i froze i knew if i told you i made a deal where they will only beat me you would want to step in so i lied im sorry i lied so you wouldnt have to be bullied but i didnt want to see a angle like you hurt you are everything to me i look and sign thinking of things i could do to save you from this world sent's you desever the best everything the best for you i;m writing this not as a song or letter or a poem but a song to you your a angle i know i call you kitty and kitten and teddy and you dont like it but kitty you are a angle and i always called you that so you would have a britten day i know you and i sail that you were having a bad days so i been calling you that so your day is britten your love is a life for everyone i sail the way you look at people in the eye's the way you look so far out like in your own world it was beatiful i know i dont have a change with someone like you but your a person who deserves so much more then every single world has to offer and that's what i love about you your always a nice person always helping others but i notice you never got credit for it i never like that so i've been coming up with deals with everyone so you can have a perfect life the one you wanted and deserve im sorry if you didnt want me to kitten but i thought it was a good idea and i hope you like the life and people and everything you got to do and everything you work hard for i notice how much you work and do and everything this is the only way i can tell you and i know you might think this is cheesy but kitten your the best the hardest the nicest amazing person i met and i hope one day you see this kitten! 

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Our world
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Emma, great job on your poems! Love to give you some perspective, if you'd like!
Keep up the good work!

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