The Way

When you find that your at the end of your life

What legacy will you have left behind, 

Would you have left behind lives filled with joy or hearts weighed down with strife.

What will it be worth,

Did you live filled with mirth,

Or spend most of your time worried about your girth.

If when you arrive at the end of your life, you discover that you were self-focused,

And that now your legacy can all be destroyed by bankers, moths, and locusts,

And your family is anticipating your leave,

So that they can each take a share of the wealth to which you so tightly cleaved.

What then will you do, when you realize all your investments were foolish,

And your tactics, ruthless.

When all you have left are enemies,

And now there is no hope even in remedies.

What then?

Will you shake your fist at God, giving a defiant shout?

Will you try to give Him a piece of your mind, tell Him all about your financial clout?

Will you continue to deny Him because of all your "evidence"

Or simply sit upon your bed in reticence?

When will you listen? When will you hear?

Do you not see the tears upon His face as they glisten, as He stands beside you and His heart draws near?

Do you not know of His great love for you, nor His sacrifice?

How He gave everything for your salvation, that His only son was the price?

HE has pursued you every day of your life, though on each of them you've run away.

He wants you to walk near to His heart, to live with Him in eternity, a time that will never fade away

Turn, and run to Him, He's waiting for you...Let Him enfold you in His arms and set you free

Cleanse your wounds, wipe your face clean of all the mire and clay.

Don't you know He's not finished with you yet,

He still loves you, and will continue to though the sun is almost set.

He's not leaving, but it's time to start believing,

Because before you know it, just a few years from now, maybe tomorrow, maybe today,

Will be the appointment for your last day, when you will be leaving. 

And then it will be to late, and you will be left to your fate.

And He will let you have your request that you spoke all your life in hate,

Each time you rejected Him and pushed Him away, 

He won't make you stay with Him, but will allow your eternity and His to be separate.

So don't walk in the dark, live in the light. 

Surrender to Him, walk by His might. 

This is the only way to escape our terrible blight, 

So go. Speak. Live. Walk Hand in Hand with the Father of Lights,

With True Love, Jesus Christ.


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