The Water Turns Deep Red

The Water Turns Deep Red

We wonder to become spreader of smiles on people’s faces, the whole world is an unjust critic to do well to others, no one can run away from the clutches of the world ; don’t put yourself into pain and sufferings for nothing.

Listen to the melody of your good intention with love and kindness ; If you want to find out eternity, live in a society covered with white cotton, holding bigger than our bodies.

When won’t let you stay, our survival is more important no one leaves, the fire bird of another breeze and the flowing winds soft through the sighing roses on beautiful lands, tears from the depth of some divine despair, rise in the heart and gather to the eyes.

Strange as in dark summer dawns the earliest pipe of half- awakened birds to dying to ears, when we full out with those we love, and kiss again with tears, what pleasure lives in height, no cares to walk with death and morning on the sliver horns.

Let the wild lean headed Eagles yelp a lone and leave the monstrous, wreaths of dangling water smoke, the moon of dove’s immemorial elms.

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