Water Burns

Water Burns It Out 

Hot showers make it okay.


Okay to cry, 

Okay to scream, 

Okay to sit down, 

Just to think. 


Relax the muscle, 

Don't forget to breathe, 

Deep breath, deep breath, 

1, 2, SCREAM. 


Go ahead, 

Cry it out, 

The shower will never judge. 

Go ahead contemplate: 

All those painful years. 


There's  no embarrassment, 

No frustration. 

No one to say “It’s okay.” 

There is no shame or guilt. 


No need to stutter, or explain 

The shower doesn’t care 

No matter the problem 

For comfort, it is there. 


The scalding water burns it out 

Go ahead, drown out all your fears. 


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