Watch Time Friend of Mine


Watch Time Friend of Mine

            Brave and cunning

            Clever till the end

            Watch the red, as it spreads

            White lines tell who’s dead


            Ranks of nine so you face

            Only one won’t disgrace

            Solicitous at mind, let go and be free

            See the land, hear the crowd, feel the force


            Hold fast

            Strap down your tongue

            Ring out your thoughts

            Cleanse your doubt


            Count to three

            Now you see

            In one breathe, out the next

            Feel the wind, catch the air

            Hesitate you mustn’t


            Or you’ll bust

            Find the parallel

            Perceive your attack

            He raises arms


            Numbers mark the tar

            Remember your goal

            Or be taken by the black hole

            Focus on the time


            Waste not a second

            Race not with deception

            But a honest heart, golden soul

            Watch time friend of mine


            Break loose at the snap

            Let not the ash of smoke settle your past

            Make free away from your prey

            Devour their numbers, just cross the finish line 






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