Watashi wa Shinasai no Koi - Arnold Jansen Llego

Looking from afar. I cannot even go near 
To the lovely lady and her peer 
I smile to myself and turned around 
Cause my lips won't make a sound 

Now as I look in the clear blue sky 
I hear a silent melody 
One that has no sound and cry 
But can be heard clearly 

"She really got me" I said 
For I know I do 
I may never know where it led 
Maybe it's true 

I gathered all courage to go and confess 
I'll say it even if I would be rejected 
Maybe somewhere along the way, words will manifest 
I'll do it without regret 

So to you who'll say yes to me someday 
I'll give you the heart of this little boy 
I'll love you every single hour of everyday 
So watashi wa shinasai no koi


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