Wat I tink Bout school

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 18:13 -- 1ja7xx

wat I tink bout school is dat its useless

wats da point n goin for 8 hours a day anyway

there is no point


Alls I do their is sit n weight.

I wait to b called on and I wait for the clock to give me freedom.

The freedoms the best part of school.


I mean, is there anything good about school?

The teachers? HA! No way.

My teachers, who dont know anything by the way, care less bout me than I do them.


Well accept for Mrs Maul my English teacher. She’s pretty cool.

Mrs. Maul never let me leave the class without reading a few pages of a book.

She said it would help me learn to read/write/speak.


Mrs. Maul is the only reason I graduated, went to college, and got a job.

That determined woman never gave up on me and made sure I tried.

I am the man I am today- successful, intelligent- because of Mrs. Maul.

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