Wasn't Mine


To my past love you decided your own fate. You had me hurt and in a uncontrollable state. I had the false reality you were going to stay my mate. Cause In the past you told me you would teach me how to love but you taught me the definition of hate. It looked like stars when I used to look in your eyes. But now I don't see stars I see manipulation in disguise. Lust was the reason I was happy when our relationship was on the rise. But we went downhill because I finally got wise and caught onto your lies. I remember at one time ya love was my passion and desire. Because I thought in my head you would do me better than the ones prior. I remember the first time I held you at night. I whispered I love you when I held you so tight. I remember being happy but for all the wrong reasons. I felt it was right cause you lasted more than a couple seasons. But I was just blind to the thing everyone else saw. I was naive tryna make it out to be a little flaw. But I realized you really didn't  love me like I did from the start. I even felt like i was wrong when we fell apart.  But it all was just a waste of my time. Cause I gave my heart, my mind and soul to a girl that wasn't really mine.


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