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I’ve spent half my damn life stuck behind this desk
I wonder to myself why can’t we just leave out all the rest
And slip away into the pouring rain
Hopefully, to never be seen again
Oh I hope so, I hope so

Well as these vivid sunsets pass us by
And on my shoulder, your golden tears, they fall you cry
We promised ourselves when we left, we’d never ask why
With regretful glances scattered across our face, this is goodbye
Is this goodbye?

Sometimes my emotions they catch a hold of me
And never let me go, forever the distant memory
If we could close our eyes and make the wish
I wonder how similar the both of ours is
I’d wish to find a new way back home
But you’d just wish to go back the same way you’ve come

The papers say someday, we’re gonna’ have to face the truth
But we don’t mind, just waste our memories in photo booths
At this point, love, we’ve not much to lose
We’ve got our freedom of choice, but we’ve chosen not to choose

We caught with the current and were spirited away
Never to return, at least not today,
Tomorrow, or yesterday
Sometimes I reflect on all these lessons I’ve learned
And sometimes I wonder if my self-respect was ever truly earned
We’ll never head back until the final prairie burns
Yet in the end, we too will burn
Darling, we’ve gotta’ wait our turn

And so we’re headed off to Warsaw
A dream across the ocean

But now we’ve reached the end we’re headed home
Our past never held us down, we didn’t allow
Suddenly amidst the storm the sun breaks through somehow
So we turn back
We’re going back

And so we’re headed back to Warsaw
Our dream across the oceans


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