A Warriors Way to Express Himself

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 15:51 -- bash15


I write to express my courageous spirit

The way I fight to cling to life

The way I fight for my success in life 

Even though the odds are always pinned  against me


Still I choose to fight the good fight

To never yield to the enemy

To stay noble and true to my word

As my fist and sword of justice constantly cut through more and more obstacles in my life


So that I may one day say I have achieved the dream I once sought

So that I may be able to say I never broke even though I felt despair at times

So that I may say that anyone can achieve their dream even when all hope seems lost

So that on this day I can say this courageous spirit is here to achieve the dream he believes in



I would like to know where I rank with my poetry and what I need to do to get this schloarship for my passion in my poetry

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