Warning: It's a Love Poem


You are my all,

My heart and my love.

You are my all,

My life and myself.

Not just a better half, for you are whole,

But I cannot be whole without you.

You are my all, my beauty, my muse.

I love you more than life.

More than breath.

More than me.


Without you, I rage,

I loathe,

I withdraw from the world.

Without you, I disappear.

Should I live without you, I live without myself.

Your smile,

Your beauty,

And your grace

All anchor me to this world,

And make me continue to be me.


Your smile douses my anger,

And shows me there’s joy in the world.

Your beauty mitigates my hate,

And shows me I can love.

Your grace inspires me to abandon my isolation,

And shows me the world is one worth living in.

You take the person I want to be, and you make him real.

Without ever trying to,

You change my life.


Before you,

I never knew what was missing.

I thought we were supposed to rage,

Supposed to loathe,

Supposed to withdraw.

Push away everyone.


I’ll let no one close,

They’ll only hurt me.

My heart is fragile, and I must keep it whole.

I must let no one near it.


Then you came.

You eased yourself closer,

You held my hand,

Touched my lips,

And my heart was in your reach.

I thought the first to touch my heart would break it,

But you were sweet and gentle, careful not to hurt it.

You wanting it, but were too nervous to take it.

So I kissed your cheek and said you could have it.

Then you smiled and gave me yours.

I never knew I could be so sweet, so tender.

I was a monster.

I hated the world and all in it.

This person giving kisses and hearts,

This was not me.

But you showed me it was.

Beauty changed this Beast,

And I wouldn’t go back for the world.


My world is what you made for me.

The friends

The family

The loved ones

All the people you’ve helped me open my heart to.

I would’ve shut the doors if not for you.

I would’ve stayed in solitude.




Hating the world without realizing I hated myself.

What would I do,

Where would I be

If I lost the key that keeps my heart open?


What can I not live without?

A silly question really.

How can a person live without themselves?

Me without you is like a dog without a bone.

No, deeper than that.

It’s a dog without fur, ears, a tail, legs.

It’s a dog without the ability to be a dog.

Me with no way of being me.

You have my heart,

My soul,

Every square inch of who I am.

Without you, there can be no me,

So how could I ever be without you beside me?

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