The War on Entitlement

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 10:56 -- 1456614

They label us an “entitled generation,”

Saying we only want what we want and want what we think we deserve.

What we think we’ve earned

What we think others have earned for us.


Now that they’ve successfully confined us by a label

Our “problem” is reparable.

Now they’re able to conquer our self-imposed selfishness

Which couldn’t possibly be anything but self-imposed

Because previous generations are no where near responsible for the outcome of others.

They’re able to point at our selfishness

Our entitlement

And shout from the sidelines

“Hey! Fix that, you immature children!”


Oh yes, the infamous “they.”

Occupying balconies stadium bleachers and peanut galleries everywhere.

Labeling adolescents as such that they are

And then shouting at us for acting as such.

So they place us in our play-pins

(Which are much more like primary-colored prisons)

And lock us away expecting that we fix ourselves because,

After all, its our own fault.


So here we’re left,

The entitled leading the selfish who would much rather be leading themselves.

We’re left to fix our self-imposed messes

And pray to God we don’t mess ourselves in the process.



Cheryl Griffith

Interesting view-point,  your work is very philosophical with very strong views and concept and very heartfelt. Very powerful poem !

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