I don't know who you think you are

but this is not over yet.

I refuse to raise my white flag;

I will not surrender.


For the past seven years, I let you into my life.

I let you sit right next to me, and experience what I did.

You gave me advice, had my back, and made me feel better.

You reminded me how beautiful I was,

and even how much I meant to you.

You were glad I was in your life.


To be honest,

you gave terrible advice, never had my back, and made me feel like shit.

I always felt beautiful, at least around you,

but I knew somewhere deep down you spoke nothing but lies.

You looked me in the eye, with your ebony black eyes;

you ensured me you would always be there, and I was special to you.


I knew what I told you was lies.

I assumed you'd never catch on.

And I was right, for seven years you never caught on.

You were falling for my lies,

You thought I cared.

I dragged you along for someone to keep me company

I went along with your lies, just to please you.


Then came the point you didn't wish me happy birthday

on my own birthday.

You stopped answering my texts,

and ignored my snapchats.

I finally saw you at your work.

You mother hated me, and the rest of our friends

You were no longer aloud to see any of us.

You deleted me off your Facebook,

I deleted you from Snapchat, and out of my phone book.


The moment I had been waiting to create,

the moment we would no longer be friends was here.

You instated it, even though I wanted to be the one to end it.

I could not let you get away with it, this easy.

After all the pain you caused me, all the lies I put up with,

and the disturbing person I learned you were,

I deserved to give that all back to you, help you understand my pain.

I am not quite done with you yet,

So this means war.


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