Waltz of the Letters

I watch them dance - spinning, sliding and moving.

At times they embrace, their shapes intertwined.

Suddenly they disappear, hiding in the shadows.

They are strangers, but they are becoming familiar.

I watch them through my lenses, filtered by my dyslexia.

My classmates understand the dance,

but the dancing letters seem to mock me.

At first I turn away, then I look closer, peering through the fog.

The letters smile and beckon.

They ask me to dance.

The steps are confusing.

There are so many things to learn!

But it has become an obsession - 

I will keep trying!

I will learn this dance!

And many years later,

I am dancing with my classmates.

The letters have become my friends.

They are my teachers, my reminders.

They have unlocked the key to my future.

To dance with the letters is a dance like no other.

It is a dance that allows you to reach for the stars,

and fulfill your every dream.

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