Walls She's Built

She’s scared of people getting through,

Through these walls she has built to prove

She had to prove she’s not weak or small

She keeps them up throughout it all

Shakes and stumbles make her walls wobble

They hide and protect her when she feels numb and hollow

She once let someone through,

Into the ground where her confidence grew

Around him he looked and saw shards from something shattered

He picked up the pieces, put them together, he didn’t even wince when they cut him, to him it didn’t matter

He came towards her, and held her close

She was reluctant to give in and ended up never wanting to let go

He held her with her broken pieces, fixed them whenever they crumbled

She started to feel something never had she felt before, yet she was afraid to make a fumble

She tried to do her best, tried to never mess up

But he didn’t ever care, and he called it love

Her walls started easing down, each and every day

He opened her heart for the world, and took the pain away

The thing that took longest to grow,

Was finally ready and full of hope

Her trust was the last thing given to the boy, the boy who she let through her walls

He held all of her now, her pieces were complete with all

She had her fears, her insecurities that before ate her alive

But now everything, her whole world, revolved around the boy she let inside

Yet as her walls were nearly gone,

Everything went so wrong

She looked out ahead, and saw the girl he had met

She’d been waiting outside all this time, waiting for the boy she’d never forget

Her world started spinning, the pieces he’d put together cracked

She cried and pulled her pieces from him, to try and take them back

But whatever pieces she managed to take,

Shattered and fell through her fingers, because this was always the price to pay

She dropped to her knees, numb with defeat

Her walls started to rebuild themselves thicker, so that she would never meet

A boy who she would let in to help her be strong in her biggest time of need

She sank into the ground but he wasn’t gone

He held all that was left of her, what was their special bond

Half of him was inside the walls, the other gone and a mystery

She swore from that point on, to never trust again for the fear of eternal misery

But he sits with her walls, part of her trapped inside with him

She wants to grow a be better again, but is scared to face him

If she lets him go, she loses part of herself

And she’ll never forget how he helped

But if she lets him back in, she’d be cautious at first

And she guarantees with time, her love for him would grow worse

Either way she’s trapped, with these feelings for the boy

They stay around and taunt her, play with her like she’s a toy

Should she open up, face and take him again ?

Or is it wrong she’s still in love with the boy that only wanted to be friends ?

She now sits inside her walls and struggles within

Trying to figure out how she ever let him in.

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