Walls Are Built, My True Self Is Hidden

I build these walls; trap myself, so nobody can enter.

I’m scared to let anyone in, save me, and become my center.

With my walls up and feelings shut down, I feel so alone.

Because of these walls, I ache and my heart has turned to stone.

On the outside, the others, they think I am a loner.

I protect my heart, my soul, and tears as the owner.

But in reality and the truth, I’m just scared and shy.

I look happy and comfortable, nobody worries, and nobody asks why. 

Who is the real me, you ask?

Come closer, I will tell you my story, and eventually unmask.

For you I will, because I trust at ease.

Don’t tell anyone, or hurt me please.

I am smart, intelligent, and somewhat wise.

Everyone doesn’t get to know me, instead they despise.

People stare and declare their shameful emotions.

But they don’t look past my appearance and see my devotion.

They say I am pretty, beautiful, and cute.

But do they really understand me and why I am mute?

I am afraid and my self-esteem has been turned down.

Because of them I don’t take, turn away, and frown.

It isn’t just the looks that they despise.

They see my actions, my smile, and the look in my eyes.

I have potential in what I want with my life.

I want to own a business, be happy, and someday become a wife.

I can’t let these walls down, because I have been hurt before.

People have lied, ruined me, so I kicked them out the door.

This is my story and my life.

I have learned my lessons and gave people many strikes.

I laugh, I cry, I dislike, and I fall for those who hurt me.

I still forgive, I reward, and I respect those who revert to me.

I am me, myself, and I.


Stormie Shadle

very nice


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