A Wallflower to Society


68 Boonton Ave
United States
40° 58' 42.9708" N, 74° 20' 54.7944" W

Eyes that wander and lose control,

Looks that may deceive but take a toll.

Different you say?

But where’s my way?

Trying to cover up a hole,

As if taking away my role.


Black and white is all I view,

What is color, and what is true?

Covered by a curtain, unable to notice,

Only portrayed by utter deafness.

But what is this I see?

A rope that I can pull to let myself free.


A tug is only what I need.

But Bang! It hit me.

A darkness too strong to grip ,

Slowly pulling me in with a zip.

Grasping for a breath of air,

But sadly leaving my conscious bare.


Where is my light? Where is my goal?

Where is the piece that makes me whole?

What can I become to make myself full?

What can I push or pull?

Despair and darkness cannot control,

What is to be unleashed by my soul.

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