Wall of Blank Confusion


Wall of blank confusion.

I pass by. Stop!

What, do, I, see?

I see splashes and waves of blue oceans rising to the scene.

Like its the place to be, but Wait..


Everything fades away into the the sunset on a summer beach haze.

I realize this is all just CRAZE.

Sand running through my toes.


Everybody knows I’m standing on THIS sidewalk. Looking at THIS wall Cracked in cement.

Held back by an endless chain of judgement.

Run I tell you, Run I tell you!

Where to go?

I don’t know. If I knew I wouldn’t hesitate to say.

I want to tell you, but I can’t.

I see this path and that path, but every path splits.

Like my soul as if you just hit me.

I choose to stay here!

I ain’t gonna run away.

I’m gonna stay HERE.

Look back at that blank confusion wall and seek what I want.

I see skies blue! and grass green!

An open field where I can be FREE!

No more YOU and no more Me.

I get to be who I want to be.

And you can see me later, when i’m up there with the greatest.

You tell me this is just a dream, but I tell you back that this is what I am made of.

You don’t control me.

So why can’t you see that what I’m trying to tell you is from MY Heart.

I know you care for me but why?


can’t you except me for who I am?

That I am trying my hardest.

I’m like fine china that sits in YOUR cabinet and waits.

Well i’m done waiting for you.

Collecting dust as time flies.

Why can’t that be your eyes.

When can you look at me! and realize what I am!

I am NOT just an old decoration.

a head rotation of a son!

why can’t you see me for who I am. love me for what I do.

support me for what I think.

Listen to me… Cherish me like  I  am  your   fam-i-ly.

Why can’t you see! what I see.  in these blank walls in front of me


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