Walking closely in brotherhood


40° 27' 49.2012" N, 3° 44' 57.192" W

                                   Walking Closely in Brotherhood 

                                             By: Alesiya Walker 


Only God can create peaceful unity,

Encouraging men to walk side by side shows compassion,

Leading us to know heart felt community,

Informing us to respect the human reaction.


Not only walking together in continuity,

But communicating through love for one another,

Which strengthens our humanity,

Recieving human affection from above.


Brotherhood as seen through pure eyes,

Will never think evil thoughts,

And a person's eyes may be a signal of cries,

To anyone who was peacefully taught.


Following of God's laws may be easy for some to continue,

But if we cause a brother to slide,

This will sometimes ignore humanity,

Causing us to destroy love inside.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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