Are you ready?
Are you almost there?
Why don’t you say something?
Something’s wrong.

But you’re smiling, I see it now
You are fighting, But your are happy
I want to help, it’s not enough
Keep going, we’re almost there.

I know you’re frustrated,
tears in both our eyes
But you can’t give up,
Keep going, I’m here.

Shhhhh, don’t be sad.
I won’t give up.
I am strong because you are strong.
Keep going, step by step

One day we’ll hold hands
You looking at me
And me looking at you
We never gave up.

Keep going, I’m always here
No matter what, don’t stop
One day, you and me,
We’ll get to talk as it should be.
But for now, let us walk, as it should be.

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