I think I'd like to walk.

Until my feet fall off at the ankles

and my calves fall off at the knees

and my thighs fall off at the hips

I want to walk.

Until my pelvis falls off

at whatever joins a pelvis

to the rest of the body

I want to walk.

Until my ribs

and my spine

and my arms

and my skull fall to the ground

I want to walk.

Until the last human shreds of myself

lay displaced on the sidewalk

I want to walk.

Until my self destruction no longer comes in the noises of explosions

and the pain of self inflicted wounds

I want to walk.

Until the only noise you hear from the girl

are the small thuds of bone hitting the pavement

I want to walk.

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Intruiging. You convey a strong sense of emotional and physical pain through your words. It is a strange allusion to various limbs falling off from your desire to walk. I am not sure I quite understand. It is quite an ambiguous poem in that sense. There is not sufficient information (in my personal opinion, if not my ignorance) to provide a sound understanding of this poem. Could you elaborate on this please?


To Markus--

This poem was written in the beginning of my Freshman year of college. I used to take walks with this kid all over campus every night. After he left I lost that connection and I was still going through a lot of turbulent times in my personal life so I wanted to go for a walk but at the time I had no one to do it with, no one to talk to. I wanted to feel better.

Three years later I have learned to walk alone. I don't have to rely on a boy. However now I get harassed on the streets and my walking hurts my feet so this (again) becomes a poem about wanting to walk but in a safe place, quietly. Not having to speak.

I want to walk until I get better. Until I feel okay again, and I don't always have that ability.




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