Wake Up and Realize


A bunch of hypocrite christian the land of no religion

spreading rumor talking shit what happen to the worship

I stay out of the church if I dont get inspired

I know all people in need for hire

but whites run the market but you can get the scraps

low wage is it really worth it

I have a better chance wrestling a great white for some tuna

before i see real paper. We on the run with the pumas trying to make a business

its crazy half the nation blind like there reallly equality

If cant see it ethier u ignoring it or not a minority ethier way

you would have to find a way to make it or leave to your kids to make it

in a crumbling nation.Damn I be spitting the truth while others be preaching lies

but the lies are more enticing to the non knowing like that time

Eve gave Adam the apple it all started from the begining

I'm tell you this while drinking my snapple

I'm not saying not to go to chapel or that religion is wrong. 

I'm saying Open your eves and find the truth with litte help.

They'res alot of phony and protenders that will mislead you

dont accept anybody definition a life but your owns.


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