Wake Up

Wake up!

Rise above hatred and become unique!

Make a difference by stopping the racism!

Let me tell you about a young African-American girl stopping her fellow white classmates from being racist to her.


It was a Tuesday, Jade was walking to school when a crowd of white kids came pushing and elbowing her. 

"Ha-ha, negro!" 

"You black!"

"Get out of our school!" they shouted. 

Jade's books were on the ground. She didn't say anything back to them since she has respect for everyone. 

With a glum face, she continued walking. 

She said to herself, "Wasn't yesterday Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday?" "And people are still being racist?" 

"I can't believe this hatred, this teasing!" "Somebody better stop this and it's gonna be me."


The school bell rang. When she tried to go to her seat, she saw a note on her desk. She opened it. 

It said,"You don't belong here little girl, get out of our classroom, make that the school! No the country! Go back to where you came from, Africa!" 

It was signed by "you know who (the white kids)." 


Jade got so angered that she was about to blow up like a pistol!

"No, I'm not going to turn mean, Dr. King had once said that hatred's worst enemy is love," she thought to herself. 

Bingo! She had an idea.


The next day, she asked her teacher for time to show a short video. The teacher agreed to show it after lunch.

As everyone settled in, she started the video. They all watched and were inspired. That's when everyone became aware!

Jade stood and said," I've got two words to tell you that have hatred in your hearts- Wake up!"

And they all understood. 

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