Wake Up


Shes hurting.


Struggling to see the bright side of the night.

Always seems to be asking the lord why? Always trying to put up a fight.


In a cloud of disappointments , she doesnt see a reason to be here.

A part of her heart was taken before it could hit the pavement ,

before it would ask to                                                  disappear.

Was he even here? Was it all real.

Maybe one day the dream will seem to wake up.

                                     WAKE UP!

Is all im trying to make you hear.

Can you wake up daddy? Can see my tears?

These people here are crying for you, wishing that you were here.

I dont like this game any more. I understand that you are making it clear.

Honor thy father and thy mother for one day the end will be near.

Dont hold grudges for the day may end before the year.

Of course hes not listening to me.

The last time I said ,"Can you wake up daddy?", you laid there without fear.

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