Waiting On The World To Change

I used to think that waiting was going to kill me,

That one day it would just be too much to see the person I love in love with someone else.

So while I was waiting,

I tended to our friendship,

Helping however I could and making you laugh no matter how much work it took.

I soon discovered that I fell in love first with your laugh,

The way that it sounds as sweet as honey,

And how it makes me feel as if I was on top of the world.

Your smile made me feel as if I had won everything I ever wanted, 

Yet I couldn’t win your love.


I spent hours making sure that you were okay,

And I couldn’t stand it when you weren’t.

When you were happy,

So was I.

And when you were sad,

I swear the entire world could feel it.


I have never been genuinely happy before this,

Watching you in a relationship with someone else,

Made me feel like a knife was stabbing me in the heart.


But I think it hurt more,

When it broke apart into pieces.

When for the first time since I met you,

That I wasn’t there to pick up the pieces

And say,

“I’m still here,

And I’m not going anywhere.”


Instead I had no idea that anything was going on,

And I heard about it hours after.

I told myself that I would always be there,

No matter the time,

No matter the cost.


The change that I felt like I wanted,

Came with so much pain.

I didn't think that I could take it,

Until you came into my life.

And suddenly..

The change I was waiting for,


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