Fri, 04/26/2013 - 01:01 -- ReAnim8


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Waiting for our reunion.
We had so many plans together.
But it all went to hell in the last few months.
Your grandpa’s death, your dad’s abuse, your mom’s BS,
Long distance relationships fail…at least when the military’s involved.
If I hadn’t moved, I’d have been by your side. Like the last 2 years.
But all this chaos caused major damage in your mind.
Your mental stability was put on the line.
The train of your sanity derailed.
The moment you lost it all.
3 dead, 11 injured.
Court. Evidence. Insanity plea.
Fingers pointing here and there, hatred and fear:
Nearly everywhere. Insults, condemnation, the ripple of turmoil
The story reached every corner of the world, every major news network.
Yet I’m still here in Utah, while you’re still in Guam.
You’re dressed in orange, I’m in school uniform.
We’re hoping for that one day of peace,
When our souls can meet again.
Waiting for our reunion.


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