My special someone,
Why are you so far away?

My special someone,
Why don't you just stay?

Every day I stared outside my window,
Waiting for your return while hiding my sorrows.

I'm right here.
You're out there.

My place, it's morning.
Yours, it's evening.

Now, I'm watching the sun sets.
While you're watching the sun rises.

Will it always be like this?
Missing each other's hugs and kisses?

One day you told me that this was not going to work,
But I didn't want you to let me go like a dirt.

So I said,

You gave me strength, hope and courage to face my fears.
Please let me wait for you even if it will take a thousand years.

My special someone,
I'm willing to wait.

Just don't say "goodbye"
While my heart aches.

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