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He smiles so cute
you caught his eye.
The butterflies
start to fly.

Innocent and young
your first date.
Excited and scared
you can't wait.

Then two more months
and you're in love.
You can already see
the wedding doves.

You throw away
your dreams and views.
Because he says
he just wants you.

A goodnight kiss
inside his car.
Makes you want
to go too far.

He's your first
you're nervous to try.
But he holds you close
don't be shy.

He bites your neck
with a gentle caress.
He slowly takes off
the pretty dress.

Shortly after
it's over and done.
You're disappointed
it wasn't that fun.

For nature's gift
you anxiously wait.
Weeks go on
no doubt it's late.

You buy a test
the screen turns blue.
All along
inside you knew.

You cry and realize
what this means.
And hope it's better
than it seems.

You call to tell
the painful news.
Two weeks later
he says you're through.

With all that you
had said and done.
You regret that he
wasn't the one.

You're just a kid
now on your own.
Left to give
this child a home.

You know for you
it's way too late.
But you tell your friends
it's best to wait.


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