Matteson, Illinois
4616 Blarney Drive
United States
31° 49' 28.5672" N, 99° 5' 38.6124" W

Wade   Waking up to the alarm sound of cries from mothers,Putting on tattered clothes worn from dead brothers,Open up my phone, and hoping to get a text from one of my many lovers.Better get ready to go, before dad gets up with his morning bottle, ready to give a            Morning blow. As a youth walks to school it’s no walk in the park.Walking down the streets exposed like a fish in the sea.Looking on which side to pick, whether to hide in fear, or die by a shark.Hoping to pass by not to cause trouble, such low esteem made my bones as weak as a stick. Does one wonder, what of the mother?The one who was supposed to be the carrier of my brother.Working to jobs, trying to make a living for her and the kids.Father in bed intoxicated, gets up feeling dizzy,With his mind being all discombobulated, and I bet his beer is still fizzy. Even after all we’ve been through we’re still young fighting,Getting friends off the streets telling them to join our crew.Working to making a better future for ourselves,          With no more losses, no more pants sagging, and wearing suited clothes.It’s time to head north, no more street lagging, and stand to be our own heroes. 


Nick is vic

I hope those who read this get a positive feeling from it, and from those who don't I apologize that you don't feel this way, but hope you continue finding poetry that inspires you!  Peace, and Salut!(later)

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