He sees behind my eyes, past my thighs he has x-ray vision.
He has next day vision.
I'm far more than hit quick, flip and dip mission.
 This is no one-night stand.
I can't stand a one night man so I sit,
In the back of his mind.
He examines mine.
I can't stomach this, I feel him in my spine.
I don't so much as sense his touch.
But his optics probe my soul.
Past physical, this is sensual patrol. emotional control  it take its toll.
Nose dive in way too deep, devastation.
 I drown , floating in his gaze we're a paradox.
I live for this, him killing me softly.
Leaving me open, like I'm in casket shock.
Falling from heights too high to peak mountain tops.
I live there in mid air breathing mixes of fear and neglect and I respect it whole-heartedly.
But he wants part of me, hidden in the cloud. I fear this loud, quiet.
As if he hears my internal violence beneath our beautiful silence.


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