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United States
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Hey there people of America, how are You doing?
It's 2012 and America is going back strong
The president of united state is up to reelection in November
The president is barrack Obama
Mitt Romney was named after a glove?
Obama swagger while mitt just full his pockets to be rich
Mitt Romney can lie all he want
But Obama has chance to win
Romney can talk all day,but Obama is just going to treat him like an unused bat until he hit the mat
Obama may be getting old, but mitt Romney can't state the whole facts
Men lie
But the numbers just don't
Where are the jobs going?
Mitt Romney, where did u go to school?
Once mitt Romney become president
When that day come America will be turned into an company once again
Mitt Romney- hip hop breaker
Obama- pacemaker
Vote for what you believe in
Both of these two men ain't perfect
But really ask yourself who are you really voting for in this election come nov 4.
This will be put to rest and everything will be said and done when a president is official

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