Sometimes loving someone requires patience sometimes loving someone requires care,

Sometimes being away from someone doesn't mean you're not there.

It's a daily necessity like living on fresh air,

To be there for the person you love like a very well planned dare.

But what do you do when you can't be around?

What do you do when you can't even make a sound?

What happens when life gets in the way,

And the person you love is begging you to leave and no longer stay.

Its like an open wound that doesn't really seem to heal,

Its like that moment when you wake up from a dream that's so surreal.

You wake up not knowing if things are true or not,

And you spend the whole day thinking if there was something said that you forgot.

Its like you live but no longer have sensation,

And the things that use to make you smile bring you constant irritation.

You find yourself in different beds trying to mask the touch,

But its never close enough to that almost familiar rush.

So what happens when you love someone but you can never show?

You often go so crazy that the world will start to know.



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