Im haunted by shadows in the open, They surround me with theyre empowering eyes, They cloud my judgement with whispers, I can close my eyes and cover my ears, but the whispers grow louder and louder, They dont scream nor raise their voice, They whisper as if telling me a secret. Tears run down my cheeks and i begin to remember, I remember the names that shattered my spirit, I remember the laughter that stomped on the crumbs, I remember the jokes that burned the remains, Oh how i wish i could forget, but I remember it clearly the day the voices came to me. Revenge was all they said at first, Revenge was all they wanted, Revenge was a picture they painted, And Revenge was all it knew. I followed instructions like a soldier, No questions asked, No Hesitations, Just Revenge, Yet the voices grew, Rooted themselves to my soul, They say I should go with them, They promise the answers, They promise me happiness, They promise me friendship. Im haunted by shadows in the open, And all they say is "End it", All they say is "Kill Yourself"

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Really powerful emotions. It's a really good poem.

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