Viva La Vida



like no other.


much higher.


the steepest.


the fastest.

Freedom, peace...

is all I stand for...

For me and my kind.

No more shall I put up

with you...

Corruption, I see is all that run through.

No more shall I put up

with you...

Your power is weak.

For the strongest pull is

the power within me.

To fight and live my legacy.

Your control is useless.

For the people have given up.

Along my side, you will be gone...

No more power feed. No more corruption.

Freedom, peace and love is all my lands need.

We must arise from his shadows,

we must hold a battle.

No more, no more.

This kingdom, this empire, this man is outta life.

He will be crushed after crushing all our lost souls.

Those are the people we are fighting for.

To accomplish all, for us...

To accomplish this is duty.

Come along my brothers

Come along my sisters.

No more, no more.

"Viva La Vida"


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


thats a cool poem

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