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i see you baby, all four of my eyes
your smile is golden like the spirits of the sun
your smell is so good like a healthy breakfast
your presence is needed like a hungry child wanting food
your words of ideas is wiser than an old man telling stories
your lips is soft like the teddy bear Ted
your touch is smoother like big daddy kane's lyrics
our love is passionate like th3 V8 fruit blend drink

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This is such a sweet poem, and the use of so many similes makes it clear that you truly care deeply for who you wrote this poem about, because all the comparisons are so thoughtful.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks 4 the support
its from the heart with creativity
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Nice poem. Can you check out my love poem? Im new here and i would like feedback!

It is called heartbeat. You can find it on my page. Tell me in the comments what you thought!

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