Visions In the Mirror

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 17:41 -- LWLund


I've heard it said that to see a mans true face, you need only give him a mask. 'Why give someone something we all construct anyways?' I ask. 

Everyone possesses a self-designed diguise. We wear them catiously. True colors are that flag which a person never flies. 

But we all gain advantage as wearers of masks so complete. How do you decieve a fellow master of deciet? The mirror in particular bears a facade of mystery to me- There is little I can do to prevent what I can't see.

Behind the glassy stare I watch an ocean rolling. I see schools of thought- like schools of fish, swimming aimlessly in pursuit of a deep and sinking wish. Through the dark waves your nerves fire like ship cannons on an ancient shore. I fear you'll rediscover sunken secrets you once bore.

The tide surges as you intake breath through that constant frown. I see that even though there is neither flood nor hurricane, you soon will drown.

And I will watch your fragile mask shatter when the pressure breaks your heart; this I know.

My only wish has always been to see what lies below. 


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