Virgin Girl

Its been a long time
staying pure and not having sex even for a dime
you so strong girl
but you often wonder whats wrong girl
aint nothing wrong
and you never in the wrong girl
you don’t have to hit the bong girl
to knock out your consciousness
so you have something to blame on your laziness
you don’t need that kick in your drink
to take out the reason when you think
I know it sounds simple
and sometimes you don’t mean to 
feel the way you feel when you wanna
get a meal of the next meat you see
and that one eye stay busy and
your heart just wants to flee so
you can jump on the gun and shoot at
the next one that you think could be
your baby daddy
virgin girl your time will come
most people say it can’t be done
but you doing it girl 
don’t let this world take control
hold on to your pride
your mind
and purity
you went this far, now its time for security
yea that convicted feeling
so strong that you burn with envy
envy towards your body when you
know something wrong
yea they may flee and some actually
stay but only long enough to see
they can’t have their way
if they can be selfish, so can you
so always stick to you
the right one won’t care damn well where 
you been or haven’t been
you may think you’re a 1 but in his eyes a 10
he will ask where have you been?
and you will say waiting
and he says you’re the one for me
I’ve been high and low and I’ve seen
high and low
no one knows
the meaning of patience
the meaning of safe sex
the meaning of abstinence 
well i do
and i waited too
theres few like you
and you’re a princess that no one deserves
but in time I hope to earn
your everything
because virgin girl you’re my everything
i could sing as high up to the heavens
and thank God he sent an angel
from heaven
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