Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women



From inner room to

open field,

from kitchen countertop

to office desk,

her travails remain the same.


Everyday she tells stories

that draws tears from hearers’


unceasingly, stories that elicit

sympathy-she relates to her


beyond description account

on inhuman treatment never

run out from her mouth.


Unending pains and sorrows

from society created and

sustained evil-

violence against women-

dossier she keeps;

her take home is violence,

her companion is aggression and



Every direction she turns

violence envelops her,

every community-she resides-

cruelty and savagery-

gifts she receives.



Everywhere she lives-

conservative, liberal, strictly and

non-religious, close, open,

traditional or dotcom society,

she lives, grows, and dies in



At home-punching bag-

she has become in the

hand of uncultured man,


she is before a



Rape she suffers continually

from abusers-mostly known-

incest-her captor-subject her


just as society blames and

condemns her for the evils

that befall her.


Violence against her has no


violence against her has no


insofar she is biologically

identified as a woman and

distinctively feminine,



cycle of society prepared

abuse, she undergoes.


Physically-she is tortured,

sexually-she is assaulted,

molested, and violated,

emotionally a she is injured

and damaged,

economically-she is denied

empowerment, made a pauper

to be dependent on

man in perpetuity


Unfriendly custom and practices-

honor killing, dowry violence,

mob violence are her share

and inheritance;


disadvantageous position

such as pre-natal sex selection

abortion, female infanticide-

she finds herself in most

societies of homo sapiens.


Her biologically configuration

mankind keeps exploiting for

economic gains,

her sexuality-good for nothing-

son-of-Adam turns to

automated teller machine.


Her womanhood,



mankind has turned immoral,

desecrated, and profaned;

her rights-inalienable and

constitutionally grantee,

continuously come under 

attack by hostage takers,

forced  displacement,

systemic rapists, sex slave


and forced pregnancyagents


Will all men and women of

goodwill around the globe

keep quiet for these evils to


How long will our daughters,

wives, sisters, nieces, mothers

be viewed from binocular lens

different from their males



This is the time to

Declare War on

Violence against Women;

Let “Peace on earth

and good will to men”

applies to Women.













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