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As my life goes on & my days get shorter , I start to realize that the people I met in my past were not meant to be in my future. I excogitate on this topic heavily because I think of it as a sign of the old me , morphing into a bigger & better me ... Got to let people go , the ones that show no sympathyThe ones that never ask how you've been or ask how you're doing . The ones that never check on you when needed , but tend to dip their head in your puddle when you're drowning.Drowning from sorrow Drowning from regretsDrowning from a broken heart .... I swearI get no rest . I say that I'm becoming a better person but I'm still afraid of perfidiousness Not only because I've done it myself.But because betraying someone's trust is the most deceptive thing one can do to another. There was a point of time where I was weak & the pain was excruciating but I was determined to make it to the better days ... I'm near I feel it.But no worries, when I reach those days , I will never have to go a souls way.

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