the view of you


i saw what you went through. i saw the sadness in your eyes. i know that you thought what they said was true. and everyone who trys to help you dry your crying eyes, you push away. you drew away you said you wished to be alone and i allowed that i allowed you to fall into the crowd. to feel alone in this big world. you took there words and you took them to heart. i watched you let there words mark your wrist. i watched as you kissed your sweet dreams good-bye and replaced them with nightmares that followed you where ever you went. and i meant to tell you that you were beautiful that what you saw in the mirror wasn't really you. that you were running from the truth and letting lies take over your life but would you had even believed me if i tried? so i kept letting you let these dark thoughts live you life and draw you closer to what you thought was the end. but then i stop and i realize that i am scared; for the poor girl who pushed away the ones who cared and the girl who was running and running was me. i hadn't known what this depression had made me become. and this voice in my head was trying to tell me to change and i looked into the mirror and began to cry for how silly of me to believe there lies. and i want you to know you don't have to be what i used to be. i want to change you, to prove to you this isn't the end its the beginning the beginning of a change a change for all who spent nights crying and wishing to be different. for we are all perfect and special and if i could make just one change i would change you're view of you. so you could see how truly beautiful you are. for the view of you can only be worn if you choose to be who you are and to wear you proudly and strongly.  


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