I am a lotus, once grown in the dirty, filthy mud

A flower that resonates with the sun and the northern mountains filled with flood

I am a buffalo who is big, stubborn, dark-skinned, and slow

Who dwells in the green, breezy terraces, where the elegant rice grow

I am the calm river, home to the nine sons of the dragon

With fish sliding and chattering below to the colorful boat folks above

I am a cunning cave whose beauty lies with pleasure

Underneath my heart lies its true treasure

I am a dragon who resides in the reflecting emerald waters and towering rocks

Where the people live, they sing with their talks

I am the island who swims in the salty, sapphire sea

Whose coconuts jump and roll around in the satisfying feeling of soft sand

I am the red and white scorching sand, always dancing with the wind

My friends fly bright kites, always laughing in the end

I am the bamboo tree who had seen the harsh times of war

Dreadful, it is, but determination and strength stands in my core

I am the imperial gate, overlooking the lives of my children

Small but sturdy, I protect them from all fierce villains

I am Vietnam who sits with my friends and family in the southeast continent

My gifted people who dress fancy and welcome you with smiles and content

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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