The Verdict Is

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:27 -- Hyucho


No one wants us to be together,

Every time we're around each other

our friends give us stormy, cloudy weather,

Rain drops,

Thunder storms and Rumor Swirls

How do we live through this bad weather,

They want us with another,

But our love is undeniable,

Yell "Stay Away!"

We're unreliable,

Hearts attracted,

 and they answer such nieve magnets,

But who cares?

Love of my life

Yes your liable

Let's forget what they say

25 to 50 year sentence,

 I'll take it 

no matter the verdict

there's no denying you



Yes! Undying love is what we want! If this is a true story I'm totally shipping this relationship, if this is something that you want then I really hope that you find it.

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