Vehement and Untameable


You would be amazed for the love I have for him

Stronger than what Hercules could carry

And deeper than the ocean's current

Trying to forget about him is impossible

It's like trying to fit in a smaller size shoe

Or trying to see what's actually on the moon

 I can only write what my heart feels

I'm never able to speak aloud my vehement love

Meaning he would never know what my heart just now knows

And the thing is, is that I lost him and he wasn't even mine

He could never see past my eyes

How the world spins uncontrollably

He could never see through my soul

How I was deeply in love with him

And he could never see how wholeheartedly, unconditionally, and irredicibly

In love that I will always be because I will never show it enough

No matter how hard I want him to want me

It's always just going to be tough

But I promise I will try to endure this time

Hopefully one day I will have the courage

And he could hopefully be  mine

But for now I will just always be nervous

That's just how I am.


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