You have to choose. 

I can't.

You have to. 

But I can't.

Because there are so many choices.

So many paths I could take.

So many different directions I could unknowingly take my life in.

What college to go to? What to major in? How to speak? What to eat?

Who to talk to? What to believe in? What's your sexuality? Pro-life or Pro-abortion?

Republican or Democrat? Conservative? Do you like Obama? 

Questions that lead to more questions. And labels.

Does it matter?

What if I have a few colleges I want to go to and don't know which science I want to major in yet? Or if I don't always sound "ghetto" and like to eat everything? Or if I want to talk to everyone, believe in many things and chose bisexuality because I can't chose if I like men or women.

Just like I can't chose whether to be Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion. Or Republican or Democrat. 

Because they both have valid points.

So here's a new question.


Why should I chose?

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