Vacant Vessels

The beginning…

Their was not 1… not 2… not 3 or 4… but 5.

Vacant vessels, all scattered and lost.

All of which were bound to be together.

Empty, but with a craving for peace… love… serenity



All of us had found each other one bye one.

A smile we couldn’t fake, a smile that couldn’t fade.

Alone, the heart pumped pain, but marked by the putrid sedation of ones knowledge how to feel.

We were fucked up and forgotten… but we were found.



A piece of time where you are considered to be alive or living.

An overstatement.

The repressing thought or knowledge that is death already subsides.

But how many times your heart beats per minute does not define alive.

Ones time on earth is to experience.

To love… to live… to die…

The experience is what makes you alive.



Eight hour bus rides to five minute walks down the hall.

Our times together were spent giving nicknames that would last a lifetime.

Something to look back on and laugh, until the tears of longing and yearning to go back.

What if we had that chance?

The chance to stop the goodbyes.

To wipe away the tears that couldn’t seem to stop.

To hear those laughs echo throughout those dorm room halls one last time.

Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

No it wont! Pictures seem to tear and wear away.

They crease and fade the longer you keep it in your wallet that is just a little too small.

The memory of it all doesn’t fade.

It can never wear or tear.

The corners cant crease.

You cant rip the memory right down the middle to cut out the ones you want to forget.

To remember… and smile.

That is how to cherish a memory.

That is how the chance you are given to experience it one last time.


I sit here and cant help but remember.

To remember every moment we spent.

To recall every moment we didn’t share, but wished we had.

The lesson of how to love was learned the hard way.

We shared our experiences and carried them with us no matter where the wind blew or the tide turned.

We learned to accept… to live… to make memories… to love in the most cliché ways.

These vacant vessels were now filled with the sensible hearts that are needed to muster the fortitude to withstand what this world puts at our feet or throws in our face.

To love… to live… to die… to be alive

But to never say goodbye

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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