You made it clear.

You stand by what you said.

It makes me wonder, 

Have I ever been a priority to you?

Or was I just convenient.

A good thing to have when there was nothing to do.

But now that you’ve found something,

Maybe even someone else to fill the void,

This year long relationship means nothing to you?


The time we spent together,

Gone with a 50 second call.

Not that this past month has been stellar either.

My worries and anxiety

Were just tossed to the curb 

Clearly shown by your thoughts and actions. 

Anything I brought up

Was tossed and considered a useless worry.


Were we ever in a relationship?

Or was it a one sided love.

Fulfilled by me

And simply convenient for you.

Your friends say that you loved me, that

You talked about me with care.

But where has that gone?

Your choice of words simply pierce my heart now.

You stand by what you say,

So I’ll stand by what you say as well.


We are done.

I am done.

I don’t deserve your bullshit.

You don’t deserve my worries or care. 

If taking 30 minutes out of your day

Is too much of a trouble for you,

So be it.


If you’re so sad about how this ended

Why didn’t you try to fix it?

Obviously, 2 hours of volleyball

Is more important than having a relationship 

To you.

And I shouldn’t be giving my heart

To an immature boy

That can’t make time for the girl he loves.

Or does he even love her?


I lost my everything to you.

But you just took it for granted.

I thought you were the one.

But I was wrong. 

So very wrong. 


I’m worried that I’ll lose my reserve

And go running back 

To you

As soon as you come.

But as the days go on,

I know I won’t;

I’m getting over you.


And as I read over

Every word you sent me.

I realize how little you’ve always seen me.

How small of a portion I took up 

Of your life. While you

Took up 

My whole world. 


And I don’t deserve the hurt and pain

That you bring me;

I deserve better.

And I’ll find better.

You were just a bump in the road,

Not the final destination.

And while it is hard now,

I know that I can do so much better.


I’m going to stop looking

For you.

I’ve already partially removed you

From the top.

Now I just have to stop searching

For you.


And when you come back,

I’ll be through with you.

I won’t be longing for anything

With you.

Because I’ve come to realize

That my chapter with you is done.

I won’t be revisiting this.

I won’t be revisiting us. And

I won’t be revisiting you.

Because if I am not worth your time,

What makes you think you’re worth mine?



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